Project overview



12/2022 – today

transition-manager, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sector: Customized assembly & automation solutions

02/2022 – 02/2023
"Financial platform"

transition-manager, Member of the Supervisory Board
Sector: Finance & Banking

01/2022 – today
"Insurance Broker"

transition-manager, Management
Sector: Insurance business

06/2021 – today

transition-manager, Management
Sector: IT security products manufacturer

12/2022 – 03/2023
"Real estate developer"

transition-manager, Emergency management (court appointed)
Sector: Real Estate

06/2021 – 03/2023
"Sports rights"

transition-manager, Co-Owner
Sector: Media Trade Sports Rights

05/2021 – 02/2023
"Start Up Financing"

transition-manager, Management
Sector: Venture Capital

04/2021 – 12/2022
",Online Bank' Sweden"

transition-manager, Management
Sector: Banks

03/2021 – 12/2022
"Family Office"

transition-manager, Head of Funding
Sector: Beteiligungsgeschäft

07/2018 – 08/2019
"Automotive suppliers"

transition-manager, Scrum master
Sector: Automotive industry, 320 Mio. € sales revenue

  • Introduction of agile process

03/2018 – 06/2018
"Automotive suppliers"

transition-manager, CRO
Sector: Automotive industry, 260 Mio. € sales revenue

  • Restructuring
  • Post-Integration Attendance Take-Over (Bosnia-Herzegowina)

07/2018 – 12/2018
"Automotive suppliers"

Sector: Automotive industry suppliers (Turbo)

  • Reversal Chinese investors

10/2017 – 03/2018
"Europe-Middle East"

Sector: Venture-Capital and Private Equity

  • Private Equity Investments

02/2017 – 08/2018
Single Family Office

Sector: Others

  • Real Estate Portfolio Wipe Out Europe & South America

12/2016 – today
Neschen AG

transition-manager, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sector: Others

  • Management of Supervisory Board

10/2016 – 06/2018
BHDM - Beteiligungsholding Deutscher Mittelstand GmbH

CEO, Owner
Sector: Venture-Capital and Private Equity

  • Private Equity Investments

09/2016 – 02/2017

Sector: Metal 

  • M&A transaction
  • Disposal
  • Shut down management, Relocation

09/2016 – 02/2017

Sector: Metal

  • Development foreign activities

08/2016 – 06/2017
"Personnel services provider Europe"

Sector: Personnel services provider

  • Market Research, M&A

08/2016 – 02/2017

Sector: Mining, Metal

  • Development international Joint Venture

06/2016 – 03/2018

Sector: Pharmaceutical

  • Funding Investment Handling

09/2016 – 01/2017
"Automotive suppliers"


Sector: Automotive industry

  • Assessment and optimization of processes regarding functionality
  • Process improvements throughout entire production chain


12/2015 – 02/2016
eBZ GmbH

Sector: Electronic

07/2015 – 08/2016
Cybits Holding AG

transition-manager, CEO
Sector: Secure Internet, Communication & Transactions

04/2015 – 08/2016
Ständer LifestyleDrink GmbH




Sector: Industry: Food

  • Transition-Management, sales support, structuring, investor contact  


03/2015 – 10/2016
Cybits AG



transition-manager, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sector: Provider of online identification and verification services

  • Management of Supervisory Board
  • Transition-Management, strategic alliance, growth financing

01/2015 – 06/2015
DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb
GmbH & Co. KG

Sector: Sales service provider

  • Development Portfolio

12/2014 – 01/2015
Octavian Hotel Hamburg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

transition-manager, Group Manager
Sector: Hotel business

  • Transition-Management, structuring, M&A

12/2014 – 01/2015
Octavian Hotel Holding GmbH



transition-manager, Group Managing Director
Sector: Real estate

  • Transition-Management, structuring, M&A 
    block unfriendly take-over

10/2014 – 10/2016
Artland Brauerei Hof Renze
GmbH & Co. KG

transition-manager, Transition-Management
Sector: Brewery

  • Business Development

07/2014 – 10/2014
Arvanitis Metallbau


transition-manager, Transition-Management
Sector: Metal building construction

  • Restructuring of the financial situation

06/2014 – 10/2014
MKB Mietkautions AG



transition-manager, Transition-Management
Sector: Finance

  • Transition-Management

11/2013 – 08/2014
Norwich S.a.r.l.

transition-manager, Member of the Board of Directors
Sector: Commodity Trade, recycling & disposal metals

  • Member of the Board of Directors

08/2013 – 09/2016
Swiss Resources Group AG



transition-manager, Chairman of the Management Board
Sector: Industry / Commodity Trade

  • Trade in commodities of all kinds at home and abroad, advice and support from wealthy individuals and institutions concerning structuring, coordination, monitoring, etc. of complex asset structures and financing, Family Office Services

04/2013 – 10/2016
Wuppertaler SV




transition-manager, Project Management
Sector: Athletics / Professional Soccer

  • Member of the Board

Sector: Athletics / Professional Soccer

  • Development concept (Honorary)

07/2012 – 10/2014
Goldsmith Advisors AG


transition-manager, Project Management
Sector: Venture Capital & Private Equity

  • Analysis, pursuit of capital asset transactions

12/2012 – 10/2016
CoBra Beteiligungs GmbH

transition-manager, General Manager

  • Setup and portfolio development

05/2012 – 04/2014

transition-manager, Management of Investors
Sector: Internet, Environment, privately owned company

  • Business development, funding, restructuring of operation processes

04/2012 – 06/2014
EG Riga



transition-manager, Project Management
Sector: Real Estate

  • Real estate transactions, forensics, review of ownership structure

11/2012 – 02/2013
Praktiker AG



transition-manager, Board of Directors
Sector: Retail business, listed incorporation (with more than 3,000 employees)

  • Management of Supervisory Board

07/2012 – 11/2012
Whitesmith Fund



transition-manager, Deal Structuring
Sector: Venture Capital & Private Equity

  • Structuring of the capital spending process „Praktiker-Max Bahr”, backstop funding senior debt deal engineering

03/2012 – 08/2012
Green Power Invest Holding AG


transition-manager, Professional Networking
Sector: Renewable Energies & Environment, privately owned company (employees 11-50)

  • Business development, fundraising, contact-scouting, investment screening, strategic alliances, funding

07/2011 – 04/2012
Sonne & Wind Beteiligungen AG



transition-manager, Board of Directors
Sector: Venture Capital & Private Equity market-listed incorporation

  • Management of Supervisory Board

07/2011 – 12/2011
ASA Prevent Finance Group



transition-manager, CRO
Sector: Financial services, automotive, privately owned company (more than 10,000 employees)

  • Restructuring of the Financial Division including banks, leasing, insurance and funds (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

03/2011 – 02/2013
Q-mo Solar AG


transition-manager, CRO
Sector: Renewable energy & environment, incorporated company

  • Business development, funding, strategic alliances, restructuring sales & marketing

02/2011 – 06/2011
Smartspeed GmbH & Co. KG


transition-manager, General Manager
Sector: Computer software, private limited company

  • Management of creditors, shutdown management

03/2010 – 08/2010
Curanis Holding GmbH



transition-manager, CRO
Sector: Real estate, facility management, corporate entity

  • Evaluation of potential: restructuring of the organization, return on investment, contract acquisition, assets, increasing liquidity opportunities, input VAT
  • Shutdown Management

06/2009 – 12/2009
Vantargis AG



transition-manager, Funding
Sector: Financial service, incorporated company

  • Funding through purchase of company shares, identification of suitable businesses, opening up new business opportunities

06/2009 – 12/2009
Pioneer Medical

transition-manager, Take-Over Management
Sector: Healthcare, incorporated company

  • Defense of hostile takeover - Vanguard

01/2009 – 06/2009
Tano Corporate Investment SA





transition-manager, Business Development
Sector: Venture Capital & Private Equity – focusing on agriculture, real estate and energy, incorporated company

  • Assignment Real Estate: identification of real estate businesses well positioned in Central Europe in the sectors investment, administration, sales & marketing

  • Assignment Agriculture: identification of businesses representing the agricultural primary production with medium term growth potential in South Eastern Europe, the Caucasus region, identification of suitable businesses (6.000 ha) and setting up an on location team, securing the funding (90%)

  • Assignment Energy: purchase /shareholding of primary production targets geographically focusing on economically weak regions in Europe and also on developing countries

08/2008 – 11/2009
Metalcorp Group




transition-manager, Licensing
Sector: Steel trading incorporated company

  • Identification of international licenses for mining of industrial metals. Research assignment for mining rights of industrial metals (preferably iron ore, manganese, bauxite, copper and zinc). Project implementation with local partners, founding of a corporation for a long-term partnership. Providing of bauxite licenses worth 400 million USD

05/2008 – 02/2009
Aluval S.A.


transition-manager, Shutdown Management
Sector: Metal Processing Incorporation

  • Shutdown management of aluminum factory (Switzerland), closing down operational business and production plant, gathering substantial material for upcoming trial, entitlement to damages: 6 million €

11/2007 – 02/2008
Systaic AG




transition-manager, Funding
Sector: Renewable energy, solar tech market-listed incorporated company

  • Pre-IPO Funding of a Solar Tech Company, funding of recapitalization plan – 4.5 million € within a 6 week period, preparations for joining of a strategic investor, doubling of share price after 12 months

06/2007 – 12/2007
"Automotive suppliers"

Sector: Components for electrical machines

  • Optimization in planning and supplier reliability
  • Selection process, new IT

01/2006 – 09/2011
Bankverein Werther AG





transition-manager, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Sector: Financial services, market-listed incorporated company

  • Management of Supervisory Board

  • License protection for market-listed financial service provider, restructuring of a market-listed bank, introduction of a new product concept, achieving positive annual results starting 2009, realignment regionally and nationally, acquisition of strategic investors, generating new business

  • License rescue via pillar strategy,  turnaround followed by positive operation profit for 3 consecutive years, acquisition of  strategic investors, disposal of retail business, exit at NTT Docomo

01/2006 – 12/2006
Rieter Automotive Systems





transition-manager, Portfolio Exit
Sector: Automotive, corporate entity

  • The shareholder company was in need of portfolio adjustment after years of growth after going public in 2011. The assignment included the following steps: revision of investment strategy, selection of shares, further development of existing shares according to new milestone scenario

01/2005 – 05/2006
Serviceline GmbH & Co. KG






transition-manager, Business Development Exit-Management
Sector: HR Services - temporary employment agency

  • Business development according to founder’s growth expectations, enticing personnel away from competitors and placing them in various subsidiaries. Phase 1 resulted in doubling the regular business within 5 months including an integration management program in order to finalize the quasi-merger agreeably

  • Mandate to dispose of co-investor’s shares, achieved ROI = 40 % per anno

10/2001 – 12/2004
Spütz AG








transition-manager, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, CEO
Sector: Financial Services, market-listed incorporated company

  • Management of the Supervisory Board, CEO
  • Turnaround indicator:
    • PWC Nomination „Deal of the Year and Hostile Takeover of the Year 2001”, cost reduction program in one financial year (68 %)

    • Turnaround: from -35 million € to +75 million €, personnel cutback from 104 to 4 employees, transition-manager acting as interim CEO

    • Portfolio Wipe-out Disposals: Share Deutsche Börse AG (38 million €), CDV AG, Börsenservice GmbH to Baader AG, Tullet & Liberty Ltd. (33 million €), Collins Stewart plc. (17 million €), Lang & Schwarz AG

    • Supervision of Portfolio Wipe-out: MBO of the Eurobond GmbH, Spin-off IOC AG, Liquidation of Wertpapierhandelshaus AG

    • Investments: Buyback of Börsenservice GmbH from bankruptcy assets, Twister Ltd. (25 million €)


01/2000 – 12/2004
Sp*rk N.M. GmbH







transition-manager, Managing Director
Sector: Venture Capital & Private Equity Corporate Entity

  • Managing Director, M&A Business, Investment

  • Development of basic strategy and implementation of market entry in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Business Development of individual portfolio shares

  • Takeover of Spütz AG (25 million €) – PWC nomination M&A Deal of the Year and Hostile Takeover of the Year 2001

  • Pricerunner plc. to TeleDenmark (15 million €)

  • Spütz AG from 68 % to 10 % through disposition (25 million €), leftover exit (29 million €)

07/1998 – 12/1999
bmp MC GmbH











transition-manager, CEO
Sector: Venture Capital, Incorp. Company

  • Restructuring of Incorporated Company, Restructuring of Venture Capital Entity

    • Phase 1: Structuring of the the Consulting Services, Spin off of the department ADSL (formerly belonging to Eutelis Consult) to bmp MC as Telecommunications Consultant

    • Phase 2: Implementation of corporate financing especially M&A processes, transactions: Business Online to Engergis plc., TCP/IP to Primus Telco, Touchnet to Primus Telco

    • Phase 3: Developing and designing the merger of Management Consultants into the Venture Capital AG

    • Phase 4: Business development of individual shares, strategic partners, 2 financing, coaching, incorporator management

  • Interim CEO

    • Turnarounds of non-performing assets and structuring of management levels and processes

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