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12.11.2014 -
He who files for bankruptcy in this country is branded a loser and has to battle against prejudice and ridicule. Why is that, asks Transition Manager Alexander Eichner. ... .

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Recognising the threat of insolvency

12.09.2014 - MittelstandsWiki:
Even the healthiest business can get into financial difficulties. Even market and branch leaders, who have never before seen their existence at risk, are not immune to such situations. ... .

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Capital leverage company shareholdings

08.09.2014 -
The increasing unpredictability in the financial markets and in the loan allocation policies of banks, is making alternative forms of funding, such as raising capital via shareholdings, ... .

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The poor performance of supervisory boards

01.07.2014 - Handelsblatt:
The cost of Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER rises yet again, almost a billion euros more. . Klaus Wowereit ‘s controllers have failed. Management consultant Alexander Eichner calls for more foresight when ... .

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